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Having trouble logging into the Client Portal or logging in for the first time?
Below is a list of steps to accessing the portal.
Client Portal Troubleshooting


  1. Click Client Portals (at the top of the webpage, in the menu)

  2. Click Client Portal Login

  3. Enter your full phone number (without dashes) or SSN/EIN

  4. Click "Need a Password" or "Forgot Password"

  5. Input your email address as your Username and your full phone number for SSN/EIN OR enter your full phone number in twice

  6. You will receive an email to set up your password (check your spam folder)

  7. Go back to the Client Portal Login and input your full phone number or SSN/ EIN as your Username and the temporary password given to you in the auto-email

  8. Enter your updated information, as prompted on the screen

  9. Create your new password, then confirm it again below

Still unable to login? Let us know and we will assist you.
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