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Be's Entrepreneurship Academy

Invest in yourself with our online courses

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Become a self-made entrepreneur with our online school, Be's Entrepreneurship Academy! We have classes fit for everyone and you can learn at your own pace. Our classes are short and concise and full of information, helping you get ahead quicker than other online courses.
Browse our courses and find out which one is right for your path!


Courses are designed so that anyone can complete them


Choose a course length that fits your schedule and priorities


Learn about business, finance, management, and more

Mountain Range

Reach new heights with a mentor


How to Start a Business course

One 30-Minute Mentoring Session


How to Start Your Business course


How to Launch a Business course


How to Grow a Business course


How to Manage a Business course

Two Mentor Sessions


Facebook Group Access


Business Resource List 


Access to 14 business courses


Four 30-Min Mentoring Sessions


Business Overview

(Includes tax planning and tools for personal/ business)


Business Resource list


Virtual Classroom

(Assignments, recaps, and grades in one place)



(Course + Excel Budget tool)


Autographed copy of Buzzing Around Tax Facts with Be's

Ready to get started with our mentorship program?                                                                972-296-4237 
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